Commentary | Errata

The article “Quebec Commission levies heavy fine” (News, October 5) incorrectly stated that the fine “is the heaviest fine to be levied by the Commission in a human rights case to date.” In fact, it was the heaviest fine levied for a racism case.

In the article “Waste management firm sued” (News, October 5), GSI’s dump sites were referred to as “landfills,” a slightly misleading term, depending on one’s definition of the term. The sites are technically not meant to be used as conventional solid waste landfills, but composting sites. The problem is that GSI has been treating them more like the former than the latter.

In the same article, it was stated that “Julius Grey, the lawyer who represents Calego International, has denied that the incident took place.” Grey in fact denied that discrimination took place.

In the article “McGill hosts Angela Davis” (News, October 5), the illustration misattributed Olivia Davis. In fact, the portrait was drawn by Olivia Messer.

On the masthead of the October 5 issue, The Daily misattributed our cover design to Victor Tangermann. In fact, the cover was designed by Dominic Popowich.

In the article “Taking poetry to the streets” (Culture, October 5), the artwork was credited to Rebecca Hartz, when in fact it had been done by Rebecca Chapman.

The Daily regrets the errors.