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Feeling understandably cheated in the wake of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema’s barrage of art house filmmaking, cheap exploitation flick enthusiasts needn’t despair – there’s an entire festival out there for you. Taking place from October 22 through 31, this year’s edition of the SPASM film festival promises to serve up an especially rich combination of B-movies, cheesy slashers, and shock comedies.

This is not to deprive SPASM of its crossover potential. The festival’s main draw might just lie in its three short-film presentations, enticingly restricted to Quebec-made content. Divided into three categories – science fiction, suspense, and inclassables – these two-dozen or so short films will be screened over the course of three events, occurring between October 28 and 29.

Readers split between vague temptation and skepticism, meanwhile, may find the burden of choice easier lifted than once imagined. Simply browse through SPASM’s film selection. Bikini Girls on Ice; Cabaret Trash; Burn Paris Burn. I’ve never felt more tempted to judge films by their titles.