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Re: “The dregs of orientation” | Features | September 21

Last year, I attended AUS Frosh. Did I drink more than I should have? Yes. Did I do some questionable things? Yes. Did I know what I was getting into? Yes. Anything I did during Frosh was my doing, and neither my Frosh leaders nor the institution of Frosh should be held responsible. Nobody was holding a gun to my head telling me to take that extra vodka shot. Frosh was a unique chance to indulge in some good-natured hedonism – an outlet, not a cause.

After reading Noah Hansen’s article, the most recent in a series of Frosh-related tirades, I simply feel bad for Frosh organizers. They do their best to create something enjoyable and valuable for incoming students only to get ripped apart for not guaranteeing a perfectly PC experience for every single participant. As for Frosh being “childish,” groups of people getting together to drink and be rowdy is not a practice reserved for students new to the “world of adulthood and responsibility.” A glance down Crescent on the night of a bachelor party should be enough to convince anyone that “grown-ups” can pull just as many shenanigans as froshies.

I understand the need to examine critically the rituals in which we partake, but give Frosh a break. It’s a voluntary tradition that is obviously trying to evolve and adapt to the needs of students. Constructive criticism is great, not to mention necessary for that evolution, but the pounding that Frosh has been taking in The Daily since the beginning of the year is just getting mean-spirited. Find some new issues to beat to death. Thanks.

Emma A. H. Ryman
U1 Philosophy

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