Commentary | Seeking: pro-choice champion

We have a situation here that I don’t understand. I was present at the two SSMU Council debates last school year over the right of the pro-life club, Choose Life, to even exist. In fact, it was the intensity and occasional viciousness of the first debate that caused me to join the club in the first place. So there you are; now you know my bias and you can take it or leave it as you will.

When the existence of the club was first debated in October 2008, and especially in the subsequent campus media coverage that followed, the majority of the student body seemed to be split into two camps. There were the people who didn’t agree with what the club had to say, deeming the club’s claims dangerous lies that would adversely affect the student population, and so they vocally opposed giving the club a chance to express these views on campus. Then there were the people who didn’t agree with what the club had to say, also deeming the club’s claims dangerous lies that would adversely affect the student population, but who nevertheless supported the club’s right to exist under the logical conclusion that if the club were truly spreading vicious lies in an atmosphere of scholarly intellect and debate, the club would soon be proven wrong and would thus collapse under the weight of its own stupidity and irrelevance. Fortunately or not, the second camp won.

So here is what I don’t understand. Choose Life is hosting a pro-life speaker, Jose Ruba from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, on campus in early October. The original goal of having a speaker in the first place was to be able to host a formal, civilized, intellectual debate between pro-life and pro-choice speakers. However, and this is what I don’t understand, Choose Life has been entirely unable to find a pro-choice speaker to participate in this debate. If the club is lying, if the club is wrong, here is your chance to prove it! Stand up and formally, publicly, voice your well-reasoned and well-supported pro-choice views in a balanced, moderated space. Like it or not, abortion is still a very controversial topic in Canada. It makes perfect sense that opposing ideas regarding it should be debated in open forum. But the debate cannot happen without a solid, well-informed, and well-spoken pro-choice representative who has the guts to stand up and be heard. I assure you, you and your views will find overwhelming support in the McGill student body.

So all you intelligent, compassionate, well-spoken, formidable, and thoroughly convinced pro-choice supporters, here is a golden opportunity for you to have your message heard in a clear way and in direct response to specific pro-life arguments. I know there is someone out there who is up to the challenge. But does that person have the courage to stand up for what they believe in? We’re waiting to hear from you so we can get this debate going!

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