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Re: “Everything you always wanted to know about SSMU” | News | September 3

In their SSMU reviews, The Daily printed several factual errors. I emailed the News team to ask for printed corrections. They responded that the situation was “pretty embarrassing” and that they would be “be happy to run the errata” on certain corrections. Two issues and several conversations later, my corrections have yet to be printed.

So, finally, I’ll just do it myself. Here are the corrections:

Alex Brown is the SSMU VP Internal. Sarah Olle is the SSMU VP Clubs and Services.

Julia Webster was the 2008-2009 SSMU VP Internal, not the SSMU VP Clubs and Services.

Ivan Neilson’s name is not spelled “Ivan Nielson.”

Nadya Wilkinson’s name is not spelled “Nadia Wilkinson.”

Jose Diaz does not manage Gerts or Haven. SSMU has a Gerts manager and a Haven manager, whom Jose oversees.

The entire SSMU web site has been translated into French. SSMU is finishing up a few minor things, like translating forms and event listings into French, before they launch the French web site.

As one of the primary sources of information on issues affecting students at McGill, one would hope The Daily would strive for the highest level of journalistic integrity on issues big and small. It is vitally important to SSMU that students are accurately informed; it is this information that allows students to enact positive change within the McGill community.

Sarah Olle
Vice-President Clubs and Services (SSMU)

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