New residence opens

McGill’s newest residence, Carrefour Sherbrooke, recently opened its doors to students. Formerly the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, the new facility will house 250 undergraduates and is intended to solve problems of congestion that have frustrated incoming first-years in the past.

Executive Director of Residences and Student Housing, Michael Porritt, said that the University has a commitment to provide housing for all first-years who apply for it.

“All students that were guaranteed a space have a space in a McGill residence,” he said.

Last year, a shortage of space in McGill residences meant that many incoming first-year students were relegated to ad hoc accommodations at 515 Ste-Catherine, a privately administrated apartment building.

While such complications were averted this year, some problems arose due to delays in the room renovations at the new residence.However, Porritt said that no incoming residents were shut out as a consequence.

“Students have been very cooperative and understanding. Everyone that showed up on moving day moved in. There are finishing touches in some rooms that are mostly complete now,” said Porritt. “No one is at 515 [Ste-Catherine].”