Commentary | Half-assed anarchy

Re: “Giving hegemony a red card” | Sports | September 14

Because I tirelessly work on behalf of the dream of class consciousness, and am constantly “exploding with good energy and chaos,” I have long been a proponent of games with no score-keeping, no rules, no boundaries, and no teams. Reframing competitive sports in this way just seems, well, logical. And, also way more entertaining. Think of Ronaldinho playing soccer. Now remove his ball, his jersey, the field, the goals, and his entire team. So much better! So while I do feel the DEEPEST sense of camaraderie with the Anarchist Soccer Club (or Anti-Club), I take serious issue with one of their practices – they still use a ball! Talk about discriminatory practices! These anarchists are, at best, half-assing it.

Ian Becker
U1 English Literature

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