Enough is enough

Re: “Students at 13 unions petition to leave CFS” | News | September 21

I was happy to read that the campaign to get CFS interference out of the student movement is not isolated to McGill post-graduates – and is in fact happening all across the country! This is a good day: that 13 student associations in five provinces are seeking to disassociate themselves from the organization should, hopefully, send a strong message that students in Canada are tired of CFS meddling.

It seems everyone has a bone to pick with the CFS. Whether you are from the right and detest the incessant financial mismanagement of the organization and its rigorously pro-NDP agenda, or if you are from the left and can’t stand its anti-democratic structures and opposition to free and open discourse, everyone can find something they dislike about the organization.

Which is why I am happy that a national and ideologically independent campaign is underway to shake the CFS death-grip from the student movement. This is a truly unifying experience.

Canadian students from a diversity of beliefs and value systems are uniting behind this basic concept: that the CFS has stagnated the student movement in Canada for too long, and that the only way we can move forward is to get them off our campuses.

The CFS is managed by a group of white-collar spin-doctors in Ottawa who in many cases graduated from university decades ago. They have no place dictating to us what we should believe, while taking our money and not giving us anything back.

Cheers to the good people organizing this.

Stephanie Law
Epidemiology II