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SSMU VP Internal

VP Internal Alex Brown is responsible for coordinating SSMU events and activities with the administration, faculties, and all other student groups. Brown hit the ground running this year, having tackled SSMU Frosh only a few months into her term, and will turn around and orchestrate another huge event—SnowAP—his winter. She tried to make SSMU Frosh more green—and though her results were questionable, we hear she took a pretty hard line with Frosh leaders.

To reach her constituency, Brown has taken to tabling at the Y-intersection, armed with brochures informing students about SSMU’s activities. She also has big plans for SSMU’s web site, which she hopes to have translated into French in the coming months. (Good luck.) We’re pretty excited about her initiative to team up with Food Systems for Film and Feast screenings on the lower field.

However, if Brown wants to distinguish herself, we think she should take a line from her fellow VP, José Diaz, who ran for VP Internal two years ago. Back then, he was spouting with ideas for alternative and inclusive events. Concordia’s Student Union (CSU) kicks our ass as far as speakers are concerned—they’ve hosted Naomi Klein, Robert Fisk, and Spike Lee—and we want to see that change. Maybe Brown could book a meeting with the organizers of CSU’s Speaker Series to learn how. We’d like to see more artsy events, like SSMU’s own take on the Fridge Door Gallery (run by Art History students), or readings of student literature, poetry, or spoken word. It would be equally refreshing to see events that partnered with Montreal-based organizations to strengthen ties between SSMU and the community or local charities. Finally, Brown could collaborate with SSMU President Ivan Nielson to coordinate mixers—beyond Franco-Fete—that engage McGill commuter students in university culture.

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