Culture  Brief: Philosophical musings take center stage

Crystal Pite is not one to shy away from asking big questions through her art. The choreographer, who not only directs and dances with the company she founded, Kidd Pivot, but is also an associate choreographer at Nederlands Dans Theater, is known for doing just the opposite. Her recent works have been choreographic musings on topics like the border between the known and the unknown and the ever-vanishing nature of dance as an art form. With her newest creation, Dark Matters, Pite continues in this vein; the piece is an exploration of human significance in the midst of planetary frailty.

Pite’s ability to translate such broad philosophical ideas into the language of contemporary dance with clarity is a unique gift. Her movement style alternates between amorphous fluidity and disjointedness, lending a striking element of contrast to the way her works look on stage, and also giving her a rich vocabulary with which to work through the questions that are central to her choreography. The result of such choreographic investigation is bound to be a work worth seeing. Dark Matters runs from April 29 to May 9 at L’Agora de la Danse (840 Cherrier). For more information visit