News  Neilson wins presidency by decisive margin

Sparsely attended event draws little interest from outside SSMU

Around 50 people trickled in to Gert’s Thursday evening to witness Ivan Neilson and Alexandra Brown win the only two contested SSMU executive positions – President and VP Internal.

All SSMU and administrative referendum motions passed – though a motion to raise the QPIRG fee by 75 cents – the first increase since its inception in 1988 – was briefly contested because of an ambiguity in the SSMU constitution of what constitutes a “simple majority,” the requirement to pass referendum items.

The increase was approved with 48.3 per cent for and 46.4 against.

Neilson beat out Marshall Peters for his position with a vote of 50.8 per cent to 38.2 per cent, with 11 per cent spoiled. Brown and Brendan Sullivan had the closest race, with Brown winning 50.2 per cent.

Both McGill ancillary fees passed, with the Athletic fee approved 54 per cent to 45.7 per cent, and the student service fee approved 53.7 per cent to 45.5 per cent.

The McGill Undergraduate Students Fee renewal passed with 57.2 per cent to 36.6 per cent, and the Athletic Improvement fund passed 50.7 per cent to 44.3 per cent. A motion to amend the SSMU General Assembly was also approved, with 54 per cent for and 25.4 per against.