Commentary  Hyde Park: Music makes the people come together

Put aside the politics to spice up your life on the dance floor – no strings attached

Dance party.

Those two words flow together so well. It’s like backstreet and boys, or spice and girls, and B, 4, and 4.

Add a third one – nineties. Doesn’t it send chills up your spine? Like tight-neon-clothing, or absurdly-positioned-baseball-cap.

And I think I’m ready to drop the L-bomb, so here goes. I love kitsch.

Okay fine, so does everybody. I might as well say “I love How I Met Your Mother” and think I’m some kind of cultural revolutionary. But still, I really do think, somewhere deep down, that the pure unadulterated consumption of the fashionably tacky, the comically mundane, and the unbeatable crap may be a bit deeper than just good ole fun lovin’.

Actually, scratch that – I don’t think there is anything deeper than good ole fun lovin’. Political activism is great, rallies are super, serious meaningful talks are stellar, and all that La Dee Da tripe the romantics yearn for is so damn moving. But come on – it’s all so superficial, really. Anybody can say deep things and find people to agree with them. It’s easy to divide ourselves into political camps, to research things and critically analyze. But I’ll tell you what’s not easy to do – just have fun.

Because the thing is, to just have an easy good time, you have to do some of the things that humanity has struggled with for so long. You have to forget about the fact that people around you are different, and just laugh along with them. You have to let pettiness and party fouls go. If the leaders of our world were as secure in themselves and as unconcerned with the discriminating eyes of others as that kid dancing with reckless abandon on Monday nights, I have a feeling that a whole lot of people would be a whole lot happier.

Now I’m not saying we should drop everything and go dancing in the street and be useless, apathetic paperweights. That’s letting the man win and all that jazz. But I think there’s a way to overcome our differences, and if we can come to terms with the contradiction that the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and TLC made some absolutely stellar crap and wore some marvellously ghastly clothing, I think we can maybe get over some of the other fundamental disagreements in our world.

Or maybe I’m full of shit. But at least I’m smiling.

Hillel-SPHR dance party anyone? I’m tired of reading about Israel.

Oh Mookie, just wanna have fun…That’s all he really wa-ah-ah-ah-ah-ants. And you can reach the strapping U1 History student at