Commentary  Errata

The photo for “Out of Africa” (Mind & Body, February 19) was attributed to Rachel Kutler when in fact it was taken by the article’s author, Talia Gordon.

The March 9 cover was attributed to Ming Lin, when in fact the featured work was by Cara Hanley.

In “SSMU debates draw minimal turnout” (News, March 5), The Daily spelled SSMU presidential hopeful Ivan Neilson’s name incorrectly.

In “Endorsements” (Commentary, March 9), The Daily wrote that Ivan Neilson is a management student, which in fact he is in Arts. In the same article, The Daily wrote in the event of a tie between candidates, the SSMU President Kay Turner would determine the winner, when in fact the SSMU by-laws state that Elections McGill would draw lots. In the endorsement for Sarah Olle, The Daily wrote that she wasn’t vocal enough at Council this year. However, Olle does not sit on Council. Further, The Daily claimed that Rebecca Dooley’s intention was to revive Reclaim Your Campus (RYC) by providing students with information kits. In fact, Dooley does not plan to restart RYC, though she does believe students are lacking information on issues pertaining to student politics.

In “SSMU Elections 2009” (News, March 9), The Daily truncated interviews for all candidates. To clarify, Ivan Neilson believes SSMU should reinforce the rights of francophone students to submit work in French, and that SSMU should report on previous General Assemblies sooner.

In “An island divided” (Features, March 9), The Daily wrote that 300,000 people in Sri Lanka have suffered as a result of the civil war in the past 30 years, when in fact this statistic is true for the past three months.

The Daily regrets the errors.