Culture  Culture Brief: Out of the Library and Into the Theatre

Though consensus certainly points to McGill hating the fine arts, that doesn’t seem to be stopping the English department from breeding a few performing artists every now and then, in between hordes of homeless baristas. Case in point: the Directors’ Projects Festival, running this year from March 25 to April 4. To the kids directing its ten professionally-written one-act plays, it’s the product of a full year’s sweat and toil, and the final grade book-ending their theatre studies degree.

Small casts notwithstanding, these productions breezily maintain the standards we’ve all come to expect from McGill student plays. Not to mention, of course, the value: each play runs a total of three times – twice in the evening for $5, and once in the matinee for $3.

Those interested should head over to the English department’s web site, or to the Directors’ Projects Festival’s appropriately-named Facebook page, which conveniently lists play schedules and synopses. Or, take a chance and head over to Morrice Hall at 8 p.m., any day until Saturday. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better reason to get out of the library.

— Nicholas Boisvert-Novak