Commentary  We’re back, with a new look

Editors' note

After a relaxing break, The Daily is back. Athough we’ve been on our annual hiatus for the past month, we’ve been busy planning for the redesigned paper you’re holding in your hands. If you’ve made it to this page, you may have noticed some big changes. Aside from a general refreshment of fonts and basic design elements, we’ve decided to clean up the Commentary section to give more space to your letters and opinion pieces. We’ve always published every (non-hateful) letter we’ve received, and now we’re giving them an entire page to themselves, so that your voices have a consistent, distinct place in the paper. We’ve also added a separate page for our masthead and editorial, along with a new feature that will hopefully offer a fun and interesting look into how The Daily is made. For a more complete description of our new design standards, you can check out our design guide at The Daily is always evolving, and we welcome your comments and suggestions, at