News  Nairobi students celebrate Obama

NAIROBI, Kenya—Nairobi’s storefronts were covered in posters with Obama’s face as the city geared up for his inauguration on Tuesday.

A Nairobi University professor explained that students “unilaterally took a day off school,” opting instead to watch Obama’s inauguration on a stage set up by Citizen TV, a local station. Bands were set to play for a party afterward.

Students buzzed around with smiles on their faces, and a few sported Obama t-shirts.

“I’ve never seen this many people at the University. It’s so busy!” said one student.

Nairobians appeared visibly proud that Obama – whose father is Kenyan – was taking his oath as the President of the U.S. For many, this election represents a new hope, a change mentality within the world’s most powerful nation and globally. Expectations have never been higher for one man.

Fred, a third-year student in Geography who hopes to one day be involved in politics, was inspired by Tuesday’s events.

“I’m proud to be a Kenyan. I’m happy to be an African. But now I’m proud to be a citizen of humanity. I know he will not help me personally in any way, but I’m proud of [Obama],” he said.