Commentary | Errata

In “Police shootings connected to racial profiling” (News, January 25), Samir Shaheen-Hussain, a member of the Justice for Anas Coalition, was incorrectly quoted as saying “Coming out of a Mosque, bearded and wearing a skullcap and djellabah, Anas was an obvious racial target.” In fact, this was originally written by co-author Caitlin Manicom.

Further, the article incorrectly attributed the statistic stating that 43 people having being killed by police officers since 1987 to No One Is Illegal, whereas the true source was the Collective Against Police Brutality.

In “Introducing SSMU to the wild world of email” (Commentary, January 26), Yahel Carmon appeared to be complaining that the SSMU listserv does not generate revenue. In fact, he originally intended to complain that SSMU doesn’t spend any money to improve its email marketing.