Culture  Culture brief: Art around the clock

A week-long celebration of all things “art” – with performances, screenings, competitions, and more – kicked off on campus Monday with poetry and music, and continues today and tomorrow with a series of student-written, directed, and acted plays in addition to short film screenings. The ARTifact festival, hosted by McGill’s Tuesday Night Café Theatre, closes on Saturday with the famed 24-hour playwriting competition, in which three students are given 24 hours to write a play for ten actors, and then another 24 hours to direct, stage, and perform it. In addition, a gallery showcasing McGill students’ visual art remains up throughout the week – so come out and support the arts in every form! Tickets are $6 for students and $10 for non-students. All shows are at 8p.m. Contact TNC Theatre at, or call 398-6600 for more information.

– Spencer Malthouse

TNC Theatre