| Moustache revival

November takes on a hairy challenge, for a good cause of course

From Tom Selleck to Josef Stalin, history has proven that sometimes the moustache marks, if not makes, the man. Moustaches can serve as an expressive accessory. Consider the range of options between a burly Hulk Hogan handlebar and a slimy Matthew McConaughey teenstache. Plus, chicks love moustaches because they make guys look like porn stars of old – okay, maybe that’s just me. But now, during this great month of Movemeber, growing a moustache is both stylish and philanthropic.

Movember is the mustachioed version of November. It’s also a charitable event run throughout the month in which men are encouraged to grow and style a moustache in an attempt to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. The rules state that you must start clean-shaven, then spend the month growing and grooming your moustache, and accumulating donations along the way. You can either go it alone or form a Movember team.

In Canada, Movember’s proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada, and in 2007 the campaign raised $550,000. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer threat to Canadian men; 27,000 cases are diagnosed and 4,300 men die of the disease each year.

And please, remember that Movemeber’s all about the ‘stache – there are no beards or goatees allowed though a small but luxurious “tickler” under the bottom lip is permitted.

Below, you can find some helpful tips for Movember.

Fuck the naysayers.

There are going to be some haters out there who are going to put the moustache down. They are either jealous of your wicked whiskers or intimidated by your newfound sex appeal. But whatever you do, don’t let them get between you and your facial hair.

Get creative.

If your moustache grows in thick and bristly, maybe you could go for a trucker-from-the-deep-South look. Or, if your hair grows in sparsely, perhaps cultivating a Pedro Sanchez moustache is more your bag. In any case, let your imagination run wild.

Use peer pressure wisely.

This extends from guilting your friends into giving donations, to teasing those without facial hair until they give in to the Movemeber spirit.

Document your progress.

This will score you more donations and, of course, give you precious memories to show your future children.

Bro out.

With its focus on men’s health and its manly, manly moustaches, Movember is all about brotherhood. This is a time to cultivate your bromances and spend time with the men you love.

Finally, comb your moustache.

Yes you can.

Although Movember is geared toward the guys growing facial hair, there are a number of ways the girls can get involved without channeling the bearded lady. Women are encouraged to donate, spread awareness, and attend Movember fundraising parties where the guest of honour is none other than the moustache.

And hey, moustache man, don’t forget to tell your mom that donations are tax-deductible.

Though we’re nearly half way through the month now, there’s still chances to get involved. If you’re still interested in signing up or donating to Movember, check out movember.com. Remember, there’s no such thing as Mecember.