Commentary | Errata

In “Lest we forget” (Features, Nov. 3), The Daily failed to attribute the article on page ten to the author, Kortney Shapiro.

In “Preview: The Barriere Lake Struggle Continues” (News, Oct. 30), and “Migrant worker exposes farm exploitation” (News, Nov. 3), The Daily neglected to identify SSMU and the McGill Anti-Racist Coalition as Culture Shock co-organizers along with QPIRG.

In “Quebecers decry industrial hog expansion” (News, Oct. 27), The Daily wrote that the Canadian Media Association called for a moratorium on industrial hog expansion in 2002, when in fact it was the Canadian Medical Association that did so. In the same article, The Daily stated that a ban on crates used to prevent female pigs from moving was introduced in the U.K.; in fact that ban was introduced in Florida, while the U.K. enacted an animal welfare law.

The Daily regrets the errors.