Culture  A musical meal

Culture Brief

Have you ever been walking through campus on your lunch break and suddenly had the desire to listen to organ music? Admittedly, neither had I – until I went to my first Noon-Hour Organ Recital, that is. Most students have no idea that if they walk into Redpath Hall on any given Friday at 12:30 p.m., they will be greeted by organ music. But it’s true: the Schulich School of Music-sponsored Noon-Hour Organ Recital Series features a different organist each week that classes are in session. Though admission is free, a lack of awareness about the concerts means that they are anything but full. This is unfortunate, because stepping into Redpath Hall during the organ recitals is an amazing way to spend your lunch hour. The dimly lit, cavernous space feels almost otherworldly after the hustle and bustle of campus. People sit scattered throughout the rows of seats, some with their eyes closed, others reading books while they listen. To join them, visit and check out the schedule of upcoming performers.

– Amelia Schonbek