News  Radio show tunes back in below the belt

CKUT sex radio show Audiosmut has returned to the radio waves with a new feminist spin that’s pushing the buttons of societal norms and controversy.

The new Audiosmut team broadcasted their first show, themed Queer King, last Wednesday. According to one of the new members Britt Wray, the show was warmly received.

“We have had a lot of people calling and commenting already. They even asked us to compile different pieces of our programs for the archives,” she said.

Audiosmut, originally hosted by a team of three in 2006, is now organized by a collective of sex-positive activists consisting of five young adults – students and non-students alike.

The program is notorious for showcasing provocative content, Wray said.

“It’s about trying to create a space on the radio that may make people uncomfortable, [though] we hope in a good way,” Wray said. “It deals a lot with sexuality in terms of culture, art, subculture.”

Wray explained that a community has developed between the members, each of whom has their own agenda.

“The collective is a place to gather around, brainstorm, and talk about things not necessarily… discussed openly by everyone and everywhere,” Wray said. “We are all excited to see how it unfolds since we don’t have a lot of experience.”

The content of the show is compiled through interviews focusing on community coverage and other events that cause a stir.

Upcoming shows will cover the perception of shame and erotica, adhering to the program’s mission to find creative ways to channel notions of decency.

“We’re here to shake things up, moan in your ears, and provoke your inner pervert,” Audiosmut’s mandate states.

Audiosmut airs the first Wednesday of every month during the Hersay hour on CKUT. Previous episodes are available online at