Culture  Pop Montreal: Hot Chip

Hot Chip’s electro-pop beats shook down Metropolis last night, as they played a high-profile opening night slot at Pop Montreal. This innovative band hails from London, England, and is currently on a whirlwind North American and European tour.

Band members Alexis Taylor (vocals, electric guitar, and percussion) and Joe Goddard (vocals, synthesizer, and percussion) created Hot Chip in 2000, after having worked together on previous projects and studied together in high school.

Their sound consists of rebellious pop with quirky lyrics and catchy electro-rhythms. They come off like a combination of the Beta Band, the Beach Boys, Daft Punk, and the Eels. With song titles such as “Playboy” and “Crap Kraft Dinner,” you know they have an interesting sense of humour.

In “Playboy,” these four British boys evoke emo-rap, with hypnotic synth rhythms in the background and a deep monotone voice carrying the song. It’s quite a shift from their popular “Boy From School,” with its catchier dance beat.

Hot Chip’s musical influences are diverse, ranging from Sticky, a Scottish indie-folk band, to Spanish electronica funk group Wooky. Their expansive musical range is showcased on three major label records; their first, aptly titled Coming Out Strong, came out in 2004. A fourth album is in the works, but they’ve taken a recording break as they tour the club scene in both North America and Europe this fall.

– Erin O’Callaghan, image courtesy of Hot Chip