News  News brief: SSMU to research student-run food services

After letting the chance of a student space in Cafe Rama slip away last spring, SSMU has decided to survey student-run food services at other Canadian Universities.

“Basically, a lot of people were unhappy with the decision – well that’s an understatement,” said SSMU President Kay Turner.

One reason, however, many SSMU councilors voted for the corporate Cafe Supreme was a lack of information on how an independent services would run, she added.

Turner, who voted for a student run space, said SSMU hopes to prevent the same thing from happening again the next time the lease runs out in Shatner.

“We’re doing the work now so they can have a reference point in the future,” she said.

SSMU has sent out calls for two student researchers to survey the other schools. Once their research is completed, a working group will compile the information and draft a set of recommendations for McGill.

Turner recognized that of student run space remains a relevant issue at McGill.

“We want to try and harness some of the residual interest,” she said.

– Erin Hale