Features  Wrecked: This ship’s-a-sinkin’

[Correction appended]

When your on-board first aid kit leaves you high and dry, there are a boatload of professionals ready to answer any distress signal.

For physical injuries or illness, call Health Services at 398-6017 – they run a clinic just for students in the Brown building. You can also contact McGill First Aid at 398-5212. They’re a team of trained student volunteers who can get you ship-shape in no time.

For mental health issues call McGill Mental Health Services, also located in the Brown building at 398-6019.

The Sexual Assault Center of the McGill Students’ Society offers support groups and referrals, and runs a helpline at 398-8500. The Shag Shop, also located in the Brown building, sells a slew of fun sex toys and contraception for dirt cheap prices.

If you’ve been harassed or discriminated against, issue a McGill-related complaint to Provost Anthony Masi at 398-4177. SSMU affiliates should contact the SSMU Equity Commissioner, through the SSMU office, at 398-6800. McGill’s ombudsperson deals with more general complaints and can be reached at 398-1946.

The Nightline folks are always there to listen and look things up for you – like where your exam is tomorrow, or what to do once you’ve slept through it. They don’t judge. Call on weekdays between 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. at 398-6246.

Walksafe and Drivesafe will help you get home safely in any situation. Call them at 398-2498 and 398-1716.

You can call McGill Security in an emergency at 398-3000, or with general questions at 398-4556.

Lose your telephone to the briny deep? You can also reach security at any of their call boxes, located under the blue lights on main campus and in almost every elevator.

The original print version of this article gave the wrong number for McGill Nightline. The Daily regrets the error.