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Wrecked: The powerful

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A group of privateers rule ship McGill with an iron hook. They have a taste for evicting groups from campus spaces, unilaterally hiking student fees, and restricting campus protest.

Principal Munroe-Blum

Captain of the McGill galleon, Heather Munroe-Blum is working on bringing money to the school. A big fan of public-private partnerships and philanthropic donations, our figurehead still has a couple hundred million to raise for her baby, Campaign McGill. Don’t expect her to be jumping ship anytime soon – she was recently reappointed for a second four-year term.

Provost Masi

Anthony Masi has a whole lot of power; as Provost, he’s First Mate to boss HMB, he’s the man behind McGill’s budget, and he helps shape the University’s academic priorities. That’s awesome, if you think the helmsman should set the course he steers.

Deputy Provost Mendelson

As the University’s first Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning), Morton Mendelson’s purpose is to mend “student life” concerns. He meddles with the mess of red tape impeding student life on campus – room bookings, the use of “McGill” in club names, and residence life.

BoG and Senate

The Board of Governors is the University’s highest governing body. The corporation-dominated group includes only two student voices and is infamous for holding closed meetings. Professors, administrators, and student politicians sit on the Senate – the body responsible for making all the big decisions concerning our campus lives.