Features | Wrecked: Straight from the parrot’s mouth

North, east, west, south – they’re directions, sure, but they also stand for what you’ll be interested in around campus and Montreal. That’s right, the news! You can get the good local stuff in print, on the radio, on TV, or online.

CKUT Radio

3674 University

This student-community radio station broadcasts its strong signal at 90.3FM and online at ckut.ca. Tune in for great music you’ve likely never heard before, and a plethora of shows tackling culture, politics, and news – like the popular show Off the Hour, weekdays at 5 p.m.

The McGill Tribune

Shatner 110

The Tribune is SSMU’s official newspaper (for now), and provides the latest on campus news and culture every Monday. It’s also the only place to get your undergraduate sports writing fix. Their office has windows.

The McGill Daily

Shatner B-24

The Daily began as a daily sports rag in 1911 and has prevailed to this day as the only independent student newspaper on campus. After winning a life-or-death referendum last year, The Daily will continue to publish its politically and culturally progressive paper every Monday and Thursday. Oh, and our office in the Shatner basement has no windows. So now you know, come visit!

Le Délit

Shatner B-24

The Daily’s French sister publication brings you its take on Quebec politics, the student movement, and Montreal culture every Tuesday. It shares the same dank, windowless space as its English sibling.

McGill Reporter

If you need to restore your faith in the overall greatness of McGill’s admin, pick up this Alumni-sponsored propaganda rag every other Thursday. The Reporter specializes in puff pieces about McGill policy planning, academic research, and soft-as-soft-serve-ice cream interviews with McGill personel.

TV McGill

Shatner B-23

McGill’s only student-run television and film production wizards offer up their goods mostly online. Log on for favourites like Cooking While Drunk and the SSMU election coverage. Check them out at tvmcgill.com.

Steps, Praxis, Red Herring

As the artsy Arts publication, Steps offers poetry, short fiction, magazine-style journalism, photography, and art, Praxis leans toward the radical-politics side of the ship with short essays and comment pieces. If the Red Herring still exists in physical form this year, you can find their quasi-offensive humour mag on a stand near you or at redherring.com.

Local press

The National Post, Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, Le Devoir, La Presse, and other big names are always around. For the business class’s perspective, turn to any of these reliably national corporate daily papers. Be sure to check out the especially raunchy accounts of student protests in the local conservative favourite, The Gazoo.