Features  Wrecked: Recliaming your booty

Used books
To reduce the cost of books each semester, buy worn-in volumes. The McGill Bookstore (3420 McTavish) and the Word (469 Milton) offer a selection of used textbooks. This means that they buy books back from students, too. Also, for many required readings, check out other used bookstores around town. See our section on books and music for a few places to start exploring. For the ultra-frugal scholar, all course materials are also on reserve at the library.

Yard sales
While the weather’s still nice check out some of the many yard sales around town. If you’re not seeing flyers and balloons in your neighbourhood, check cragislist.ca for ads.

Research studies
If you need some spare dough and don’t have time for a consistent job, pop some pills or operate a robotic arm in a well-rewarded research study. Browse through classifieds at mcgill.ca/classified and check the Employment/Services heading to see which studies you are eligible for.

Thrift shops
Avoid over-priced vintage fripperies and antique stores and score deals on clothes, furniture, home accessories and more at thrift stores. The Salvation Army (1620 Notre Dame O.) and Fripe-Prix (7250 St. Laurent) have even lower prices than Value Village.

Dollar stores
From hangers to temporary tattoos, Dollarama (5642 Parc) and Maison Dollar (4089 St. Laurent) have pretty much everything you could want for a dollar!

You can choose to opt-out of either SSMU health or dental care if you’re already covered under another plan. Visit aseq.com during the change of coverage period – September 17 to October 1 – and follow the instructions for the $186.40 fee to be credited to your student account. If you choose to reclaim the $19 McGill Student Fund fee, which goes towards the libraries and the Shatner building, visit room 1203 of the Brown Building.

Segal’s (4001 St. Laurent) has some of the best deals in town and offers a free delivery service. Marche Lobo (3509 Parc) has a wide selection of quality fruits and veggies at remarkable prices. Also, the Quebec outlet grocery store chain Super C has a reputation for super cheap prices; one is conveniently located only blocks from Solin Hall at 147 Atwater.

Textbook rebate
When tax season comes around next April, remember that full-time Canadian students can receive an $80 tax rebate – a small compensation for the amount you’ll spend on books.

For absolutely free finds check out the “free” section of craiglist.org; your neighbours’ stoops for unwanted furniture, dishes, appliances, clothes, and more; and dumpster dive for the cheapest eats: check out wikihow.com/dumpster-dive for tips.