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Wrecked: Castaway cuisine

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Roasted jungle rat and coconut milk just not

cutting it anymore? Well, if you’re looking for

some new culinary experiences to wash that

memory out of your taste buds, you’re in luck….

Café Santropol

3990 St. Urbain

Relax on one of Montreal’s prettiest garden terraces with a giant sandwich in one hand and a cup of fair-trade coffee in the other. Delicious homemade cream cheeses feature prominently in almost every sandwich. The triple deckers will probably be more than you can handle, but you won’t find it hard to linger in this comfortable, funky cafe.

Khyber Pass

6 Duluth E.

Posters of Afghan landscapes and traditional costumes adorn the walls of this colorful restaurant, where heaping portions of lamb and beef steeped in Afghan seasoning come piping hot out of the kitchen. Vegetarians should start with pumpkin borani and then hunker down with a beautiful plate of eggplant, cauliflower, and spinach.

La Paryse

302 Ontario E.

Funked-up diner decor and friendly service make this burger joint the perfect place to pass a cold Montreal afternoon. The three vegetarian options they offer almost upstage traditional juicy beef burgers. The poutine’s worth a try.

La Louisiane

5850 Sherbrooke 0.

The Cajun kick runs through every dish on the menu – even the breadbasket comes complete with spicy cornbread muffins. Sip a mint julep to take the edge off firecracker shrimp and dinosaur beef ribs. If you’re feeling adventurous, order the deep fried alligator.

Shaika Café

5526 Sherbrooke O.

Sandwiches named after the surrounding side streets are stuffed with homemade hummus and veggie pate, roast turkey and asiago cheese. Free live music plays on weekend nights and local artists can also showcase their talent.

La Selva

862 Marie-Anne E.

A Peruvian couple dishes out a $15 table d’hôte of their national cuisine at this cozy restaurant. The starter salad comes complete with corn and avocado, and the trout is grilled with a special crisp salty topping. Delicious.

Pains de L’Inde

2027 St. Laurent

Arguably one of the best Indian spots in town, the small space is comfortably packed most weekend nights. Although the few-frills interior is nothing special, if good food to share with good company is what you’re after, you’ve found an affordable niche to settle into. Their vegetarian and meat thalis are the most succulent samplers on offer, and a good bang for your buck.

Le P’tit Plateau

330 Marie-Anne St. E.

This higher-end BYO-wine bistro sets the bar for creative accompaniments to beautifully cooked meats and fish. Save it for when you’re ready to splurge, for or when your parents come to visit.


101 Rachel E.

Loyal patrons line up for grilled Portuguese chicken covered in Piri Piri and served with fries and salad. It’s always crowded and with only a handful of window side tables, you’ll have to hold strong if you want a seat. Their lesser-known custard tarts – called pastéis de nata – are worth getting really, really fat for. Call in advance to pre-order and skip the line.


5658 Parc

Creative offerings like the maki rolls filled with scallop tartar, or sushi pizza served on a crunchy rice patty, make splurging on a good bottle of sake to wash them down worth it. A back room, which accommodates 16 at a massive wood table, is perfect for a parties.

Chez Doval

150 Rue Marie-Anne E.

Servings of authentic Portugese grilled fish and chicken are made complete by a Fado singer and gruff waiters. But beware, smoke from the indoor brick grill could cloud the view of your neighbouring tables.

Editors’ Pick: Chez José

Photo:Nadja Popovich / The McGill Daily

173 Duluth E.

Cram into this itsy-bitsy restaurant with other die-hard fans – if you can find a spot – and drool over Chez José famous seafood stew, or pick from gazpacho, empanadas, omelettes, and homemade pastries instead. You can’t miss the electric blue leopard print exterior and pink mannequin legs hanging off the upstairs balcony. It’s easier to land real estate on the sidewalk terrace if you’re a party of two or three, so choose you dinner companions wisely.