Features  Wrecked: A cinematic escape

Do you identify with Tom Hanks in Castaway? Or is Titanic more your bag? Maybe the old Swiss Family Robinson series really gets you? Well, here are a few choice places to rent these gems of the shipwreck genre. Or maybe you can catch a ‘wrecked flick in theaters – let’s face it, the theme never gets old.

Cinema Banque Scotia

977 Ste. Catherine O.

The theatre formerly known as Paramount, this massive downtown multiplex, is where to go when you want the latest blockbusters on the biggest screens. Tickets are $5 on Tuesdays, but buy early – they sell out quickly.

Francophone cinema

For the latest in Quebecois and francophone cinema, Ex-Centris (3536 St. Laurent) or Cinematheque Quebecoise (355 de Maisonneuve E.) are your best bets. Many of the movies they screen also have English subtitles. If you’re looking to catch major Hollywood titles with French subtitles or dubbing, there are also plenty of major cinemas across the city that are sure to satisfy your needs.


3575 Parc

Alphabetizing seems to be beyond this mediocre movie rental store. The movies are grouped by category only, and the selection is so-so. But hey, it’s close to rez.

Cinema du Parc

3575 Parc

This is the place for semi-independent films, including foreign movies and documentaries. It’s dingy and comfortable, has student rates, and if nothing else, Cinema du Parc offers a welcome relief from shitty corporate mega-theatres.

National Film Board of Canada

1564 St. Denis

From the latest in animation to divergent documentaries, the NFB aims to promote all the greatness of Canadian film. For an alternative to flaky Hollywood blockbusters, check out their listings to see what’s making waves in the Canadian film industry. You can also visit their Cine Robotheque (303 de Maisonneuve E.), where a giant robotic arm dips into the archives and plays your movie picks through personal viewing stations at the unbeatable price of $3 for two hours.

Redpath Library

3459 McTavish

Though you’ll probably forget about it more often than not, the McGill Library has a not-too-shabby movie catalogue. You can take out movies for free at the Redpath loans desk, but watch out for the 5-cents-per-minute late fee. That’s where they get you.

AMC Forum

2313 Ste. Catherine O.

Like its sprawling, multi-theatre layout, AMC offers a diverse range of films, from Hollywood blockbusters to less mainstream titles. If you have time to kill on a weekend morning and feel like spending it in a dark room, AMC has early matinees for much lower ticket prices.

Le Boîte Noir

4450 St. Denis & 380 Laurier O.

The only video rental place we’ve seen that shelves movies according to auteur theory. An initial membership fee will give you access to the store’s enormous and diverse rental collection. This place means business. When you open a membership, be sure to bring proof of your Quebec residency, like a lease or a Hydro-Québec bill. La Boite Noire also offers a convenient movie delivery service.