Culture | McGill hearts fine arts

Fledgling council fosters student creativity

Are you one of an increasing number of students that frequently bemoans the lack of fine arts at McGill? Do you feel stifled in the rigorous and cutthroat world of academia? Do you feel creative energy pulsing through your veins, but don’t know how to put this energy to use at McGill? You’re not alone.

In fact, the Arts Undergraduate Society has allocated a percentage of funding specifically to the fine arts at McGill – hence, the Fine Arts Council. Whether you want to create a journal, a play, a film, a photo exhibit, or anything else that can be deemed fine arts, there is finally someone, or rather 12 people, who want to help make the arts more accessible to students. The Fine Arts Council is the ultimate patron of the arts.

Now in its second year of existence, the council has sponsored many projects including the Fridge Door Gallery, a student-run and student-curated gallery showcasing artwork created by students. It is also funds STEPS magazine and The Veg, literary journals that give students the opportunity to publish their writing. Another group that benefits from the generosity of the Fine Arts Council is the Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society (AUTS), who have put on Little Shop of Horrors and Urinetown with sell-out success. This year the AUTS will be producing the musical Hair.

Last year’s Nuit Blanche aimed to celebrate all artistic endeavors by McGill students. The event included student bands, ArtAttack in the cafeteria, cookie decorating, dancing, fashion, CKUT, the Bike Collective, singing, and even finger-painting.

Later this year, Nuit Blanche and the pandemonium that ensues will return, once again brought to you by the friendly members of the Fine Arts Council. Based on the enthusiastic student response to Nuit Blanche, the council plans on hosting more events throughout the coming year, though they may be a little smaller in scope.

Even after bankrolling STEPS, The Veg, Fridge Door, AUTS, and Nuit Blanche the council still has money designated exclusively for fine arts activities at McGill. Want to get your hands on said money? It’s easier than you think. The Fine Arts Council encourages anyone with a novel idea to come to them with a grant proposal and you could see your most ambitious art projects come to fruition.

Applications for new or one-off endeavors are particularly sought after. Your career as an artist needn’t end in high school, and you no longer need to transfer to Concordia to be part of a fine arts community.

E-mail for more details.