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More crazy shit from theatre students,/b>

RE: Geeky Manosij! | Commentary | Sept. 18

Manosij, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that you are some sort of “speaker” for the extraterrestrial beings…a kind of “gatekeeper,” if you will. Sever all ties with the Xindi and the Breen now, or face some as-of-yet undetermined punishment of the intergalactic sort. There will be ray guns, Manosij! There will be lasers…my anthrosupremacism is well-justified…only we have toilet paper…but on the other hand only we have trecherous alien-lovers like you who backstab the species and perhaps the whole planet!!!

I bet you’re behind this “global warming” hoax as well…Kung-Fu Panda will NOT save you…neither will The Daily…they know what dangers your so-called Vulcan “friends” have up their sleeves. The aliens denounce copyright laws, only so they can take all of our best creations (television, the band Television, nuclear arms) and peddle them as their own around the galaxy. Myself and my many warriors (real and imagined) are on to you, Manosij!

Devon Welsh

U2 Religious Studies and Drama & Theatre

The latest conclusion from Bronfman High

The Bull & Bear couldn’t help but notice that Reclaim Your Campus is a waste of time. Protesting and being confrontational is a great way to lose a fight with McGill. Most students graduate after three or four years, so the administration can simply wait it out and ignore you. From what we’ve read and observed, Reclaim Your Campus seems to be about students whining for their fundamental right to do whatever they want on McGill property and to ride their bikes at 30 kilometres per hour into a crowd of pedestrians.

Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around students. Heather Munroe-Blum does not spend her time in a dark room with a tumbler of brandy, plotting the demise of fun while Vesti la Giubba plays in the background. Our ace reporters have discovered that HMB actually spends her time running the University.

Even more scandalous, our reporters have found evidence that McGill likes to avoid lawsuits and embarrassing press coverage. It actually tries to prevent students from being sodomized with broomsticks, posing nude for Playboy, and other crazy things that could never happen here.

We believe in pragmatism. If you want to make headway with the administration, drop the four-year- old-having-a-tantrum-in-the-supermarket routine and debate issues rationally. Consider McGill’s financial and legal constraints and develop realistic solutions. Don’t demonize the principal and then act all smug about it.

Please let us know if this approach appeals to you. Until then, viva la revolution!

Patrick Hartford

U3 Economics

Jessica Delfino

U3 Finance

Bull & Bear Editors-in-Chief

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