Commentary | Letters: Police, tough-love, and more pot science

Brière’s big day

In 2004, a police officer of the Montreal police force, Eric Lehner, testified in court, and based on his testimony an honest citizen was convicted. Shortly after, this citizen filed a complaint with the police’s Internal Affairs department, alleging that the police officer perjured himself. After a lengthy investigation, the Montreal police department’s Internal Affairs Bureau confirmed that Constable Eric Lehner had committed a criminal act by perjuring himself. The file was handed over to crown prosecuator Mr. François Brière who immediately dismissed the case and refused to proceed to protect the innocent victim and the population. Constable Lehner is still a police officer with the Montreal police.

The victim filed a motion with the Barreau du Quebec to have disciplinary measures brought against Francois Brière and have his license revoked. This hearing will take place on October 2, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. at the Barreau du Quebec located at 445 St. Laurent, room 350.

A few weeks ago the Quebec government announced that François Brière was named and mandated to assist the Sûreté du Quebec police investigate the “situation” in Montreal-North and to protect the public.

Who will François Brière protect – the public or the police?

Andy Srougi
Human Rights Activist

Power, control, and…weed?

Re: “Does my teen need help?”

| Mind & Body | April 7, 2008

Whether it takes the form of advertising, “tough love”, or police raids, drug prohibition isn’t about drugs, it is about control.

The kids sent through these “tough love” camps, or any “anti-drug” programming are not being corrected for drug use as such, they are being punished for disobedience.

The only people who seem to like these punishment-based programs are the fearful weirdos who think that we all need some sort of dad to do all of our thinking for us and use a firm hand on us when we are “bad”. They would gladly sacrifice their free will for any measure of security or “belonging” to the collective. Since they buy into the whole father-knows-best power and authority paradigm, and fear works so well at keeping them in line, they think everyone else should live the same way.

But if you accept that the government has any say as to what you can or cannot put into your own body, then you must accept their ownership. That means that they own you, like a pet, or cattle, and you have only the rights that they grant you. If you accept that, then you deserve to have no rights at all.

Russell Barth
Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder
Patients Against Ignorance and Discrimination on Cannabis

P.S.: Recent science out of Germany shows how cannabinoids stimulate the body’s production of TIMP-1, which helps healthy cells resist cancer invasion.

This might explain why chronic pot smokers have lower – not higher – rates of cancer than tobacco smokers (as a recent California study showed).

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