Letters: Love. From a frosh leader; to a U3 science student.

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Overall incompetence from a

random frosh leader

RE: “Doing justice to the new New Rez” | Commentary | Sept. 18

Oh hi. Allow me to introduce myself: I am the fabled Roland Lindala-Haumont that the four fine floor fellows of 515 Ste. Catherine felt necessary to single out as having no right to give an opinion on the state of McGill’s student residence system. As you can see by my rudimentary writing skill, I am a poorly educated and utterly uninformed wretch.

My basis for having an opinion is simple. I was “rez-shafted” in my first year at McGill, being placed at Solin Hall on a temporary basis (having never been informed by the University of the consequences of drawing a shitty residence lottery number). Indeed, I was moved on short notice (a week before arriving at McGill) to Gardner Hall.

Not once did I denigrate their residence itself. In fact, the handful of froshies I had from 515 Ste. Catherine loved their new digs and were all excited to live their first year at McGill there. My quote, although very brief, was directed toward the chronic overbooking that McGill Residences encounters year after year, despite agreements to have students live in Prez Rez and Dio.

The point I was trying to make was simple: leasing four floors in 515 Ste. Catherine is a band-aid solution for the University’s overbooking woes. McGill must invest in more permanent residences so that in the future there is no last-minute scrambling to find places to stay for first-year students who are willing to pay the big bucks and expect to have a fun and fulfilling Rez experience in return.

On a final note, I would like to thank the supercilious quartet emanating from the 515 MORE House for their stinging indignation and hyperbole, and I invite them in the future to perhaps consider that the thousands of other students who go to this University might have experiences that render their input valid as well. I apologize for expressing my opinion to a Daily reporter. Next time I promise I won’t speak out of turn.

Humbly Yours,

A random frosh leader with no right to his opinions.

Roland Lindala-Haumont

U2 Political Science and Canadian Studies

Right on, Karl! You’re the best!

RE: “Just a simple, friendly, quaint, suggestion” | Commentary | Sept. 18

I would like to thank Karl Tennessen, U3 Science, for reminding all of us students (especially first years) about CKUT-Radio and what a great radio station it is.

Not only is CKUT’s programming fine, but it offers an incredibly diverse range of local and world news, culture, and music. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to Karl and tune in to CKUT.

By the way, Karl forgot to mention that you can listen by tuning your radio to 90.3 FM or online at ckut.ca. Check it out!

Lee Fiorio

U3 Geography

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