Commentary  Letters: fan mail for Manosij and Compendium!

Where oh where could my Baby be? The Daily took her away from me

Re: “Olympic Metals” | Compendium | Sept. 8, 2008

This is a sincere request for The Daily to bring back Baby Mahoni as crossword author, since Arnie Foreman is clearly unfamiliar with the cardinal rules of crosswords. Two letter answers? Unabbreviated clues for abbreviated answers? Not even the decency to properly capitalize the clues?

Not to mention that the entire crossword was obscure, hard, and just not fun to do. I’m sure I speak for most when I say that I sorely miss Baby’s graceful, witty puzzles.

Johanna Bleecker

U2 Biology

MUNACA should be yackin’

I was a proud participant in Wednesday’s Reclaim Your Campus demonstration, and was very impressed with the turnout of both students rallying for their rights on campus, and McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA) members fighting for a fair contract with the University.

I was, however, disappointed that at no point during the gathering in front of the James Administration building did any of the student speakers invite a MUNACA representative to address the crowd (at least not publicly). One of the messages that I got out of the meeting was that students and workers must stand together in fighting the McGill administration’s frequent de-prioritizing of both groups.

In order to effectively carry this mission forward, we must act as a unified group, and truly include those who we strive to work with, in demands and demonstrations alike. Perhaps Reclaim Your Campus should not be strictly a matter of “students first”, but rather community above all else.

Adele Meyer

U3 Sociology

Daily-inspired insanity

Re: “Protesters protest admin with bikes, megaphones, beans” | Compendium | Sept. 11, 2008

Hello Daily, Hello All, Hello World!

Concerning Winston Jeffries’s article about the recent protest: finally something interesting in this Godforsaken student paper!

After reflecting on this and other matters, I have decided to become a supervillian. I have to start somewhere, so I’ll be criticizing people – in private and in public – so find me on campus for much needed hateful remarks. Any input regarding my costume would also be appreciated.

Manosij Majumdar is on the right track! (Manosij, we really need to get some coffee, possibly cowrite some Daily letters – of course, you will also need a supervillian persona).

Rage, rage against the dying of the light…or something. First vegan lunches, then the world… those gosh-darned space aliens are coming soon; we need to be ready. Start boxing, sew those flags back together, we’ll need ‘em. Get some target practice. If someone offends you, write them a love letter. It’s time we broke our expensive gadgets, if only to see what shiny materials are encased inside. From now on, call me “The Dark Motorcyclist”!

P.S.: Love thy neighbor (unless that neighbour is The Dark Motorcyclist).

Devon B. Welsh

U2 Religious Studies, Drama & Theatre

You gotta fight for low fees

Re: “La Majumdar magnifique retourne!” | Commentary; ”Students unite to take back campus” | News | Sept. 11, 2008

In last Thursday’s Letters section, Manosij Majumdar wrote, “I detested paying my international fees (especially when Quebec and French students are studying for relatively nothing).”

Tuition for Quebec residents is so low because Quebec’s students have been fighting for low tuition for at least 40 years. If you want to do something about your fees you should, but don’t talk about Quebec’s students like everything was handed to them on a silver platter.

Low tuition was won through years of struggle, of students putting everything from their diplomas to their very bodies on the line for more accessible education for everyone. Consider learning a bit about the student movement, past and present, before casting judgement on the “injustice” of Quebec’s low tuition. By the way: the demands of the student movement include free and accessible education for all, not just for Quebec residents or Canadians.

Also, the article on Wednesday’s “Reclaim Your Campus” rally included the following phrase: “Critical Mass, a Montreal bike organization, which pushes for bikers’ rights in the city…” Where did you get this information? Critical Mass is an event that occurs in cities around the world in which cyclists ride through the streets in order to promote cycling, keep each other safe, and make a festive protest against car-oriented urban planning. It is not an organization, but rather a type of action, which meets on the last Friday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in Phillips Square.

Dave Howden

U1 History

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