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Culture Brief: Whole lotta love

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Whole lotta love

Megalove, the band-about-town playing songs about love for everyone and everything, has had a pretty good run of it this year. Launched in summer 2007 as a “genre-busting” septet of singers and other legitimate musicians who happen to all be best friends, the band has held sway over venues such as Vinyl and Le Cagibi with their packed concert-shindigs.

The group performs funny, earnest tunes – favourites include “Who’s Going to Be the Next Guy to Have Group Sex?” and the Friends theme song – and often expand their sets into theme parties with outfits to match. (Canada Day Karaoke was a particular success).

The idea for Megalove sprung from the mind of Tara Mandarino, a former McGill student and pianist who began dabbling in song-writing a few years back. She’s said that Megalove was meant to be as much of a concept as a band, and it’s proven true: the band emphasizes good times, free love, and excellent dance moves, all of which have lured their devoted following to gig after gig.

The Megalovers are throwing yet another event next Saturday night at The Playhouse, complete with opening acts, a dance show by Julliard students, and DJs spinning all night. The band and their guests have developed repertoires in accordance with the night’s theme: “Shitty Sloppy Drunk Sex.” Good times indeed.

– Brief by Kelly Ebbels, image by Ben Peck