light on the underside

Literary Supplement

The dinner table cleared we sat down
for swans the swept floor dishes dined a fit little dirge
it was elastic
a candle lit sit-in and such a spread!

we didn’t really get in until later but the leaves were leaving anyways.

So sorry
to have missed you we really should see sideways more silently sometime
the pine trees are dying in this lime morning sun
thick branches, for uncles a hollow ringing bowl
a pool of koi
we saw the biggest tree trunk a car could have passed through into the elevator
up up up on a teetollers exhale a car part of the grand scheme could pass

but the lions at the front door wouldn’t let him through.

This is our yearning for the dietitian and the homemade house
to pound the grains of wheat next to the moss next to the pounding magnet mountain
a dish prepared to live by
an aisle in the grocery store in the center of the province, or on an island
we got there by the only free boat left a leftist sort of thing it was a passing thing
these good deals last
for only so long

well, what shall we watch in the dark?

Open doors, a painting room, the nuns slept down there and prayed down stairs
a breakfast with the woman who won the babies no one wanted
old graveyard
if you want to sing out came out one year after the airbags crushed our left side
that yellow man was put into the ocean too and then the younger one
eight cases of beer to wish the dishes away!
or a coffee with an older man, who says

it was for the best the best is yet to come the day is done.