Letters: Old editors and new conspiracy theories

Former Daily editor expresses support for Daily

Thank you McGill undergraduate students for reaffirming your support for The Daily. For almost a hundred years, McGill students have had The Daily to call their own. Your continued commitment to an independent student press is a great gift to students both future and past. Thanks to you, some awkward high schooler or CEGEP kid will have the chance, like so many students prior, to pick up a copy of the paper and mutter aloud, “That’s not how you spell schadenfreud, is it?” And those of us who have moved on from McGill will still have somewhere to turn when we want to see what outrageous shenanigans you all get up to.

Congratulations to the Daily Yes committee for a successful campaign and to this year’s editorial board for a great year. There are many old Dailyites cheering you.

Rishi Hargovan

BA 2007

Daily Coordinating editor, 2006-07

More Daily conspiracy theories

Re: “Manosij Majumdar floods Daily’s letters section while editors hastily assemble ark”| Letters | March 13, 2008


First, I’d like to applaud Manosij Majumdar for beginning his three letters in the March 13 issue of the Daily with “Sirs.”

Secondly and most importantly, my colleagues and I have made an alarming discovery. While walking down the street (any old street) one might ask themselves, “Is my mind currently being controlled by invisible extra-terrestrial energy beams, directed into my brain via satellites controlled and owned by some secret-lizard society?” The truth of this matter is up for debate. However, how can this debate actually occur, if in fact the hypothesis is correct? Any debate would surely be no more than the equivalent of a second-rate and unacceptably lewd amateur puppet show. My suspicion is that The Daily has been sitting on FILES! DOCUMENTS! FILMS! COLLAGES! All which point to the undeniable truth of this mind-bending (mind-controlling?) reality. The Matrix? Think again. Think worse. This time, The Daily’s to blame.

Thirdly, I suggest some sort of uprising, although the details of such an uprising are vague and unlikely to actually occur. Criticize someone! Exercise the freedom given to you in small portions by the alien energy waves!

P.S. Please begin including more military recruitment ads in your pages. The army always needs more people to fire weapons, and anything to being able to say to Scanlan: “There’s no more room for your incomprehensible fiction!!!!”

Devon Welsh

U1 Religious Studies

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