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Letters: More elections shenanigans from Jake Itzkowitz?

Jake Itzkowitz is Karl Rove?

Dear Mr. Itzkowitz,

At the beginning of the campaign period, the Arts Undergraduates Society (AUS) made clear to candidates that 20 posters would be stamped in the office and allowed to hang in the Leacock building during the campaign period. Any additional posters were to be removed. Following the events of March 10, I feel it necessary to bring to public attention your blatant disrespect for the AUS Office. The more than 30 posters that I removed were in clear violation of these rules. Your actions as campaign manager to assure that your candidate obtained more than the permitted number of posters were reprehensible.

I am proud of the work that I have done for the AUS as the Office Manager over the past year. I take my responsibilities very seriously and I am sure that the executives also see their positions, efforts and policies the same way.

I expected that you, a former member of the AUS executive, would understand the efforts of the organization and its members. I am sad to see that I was mistaken. The disrespect that you have shown me personally in regards to Miss Turner’s campaign is deplorable. Yelling at me for doing my duties as AUS Office Manager and purposefully making my job harder exhibits an extreme lack of professionalism on your part. Your efforts to violate building policy in order to get a few votes hindered my abilities to carry out my duties as AUS Office Manager effectively. The appalling nature of your behaviour, for example, calling the office to note my hours as to poster when I am off the clock, exemplifies a lack of respect for not only me, but the organization as a whole.

If I worked in any other capacity, such as retail, food services or a private office, your actions – which border on harassment – would have had you removed from the premises. Yet, since I work for a student-run group in a public space, your misconduct goes unpunished.

As a student leader and as a role model, I expected more from you. I supported your own electoral efforts without question last year, but now I regret that decision.

If this letter finds you in apathy, as a fellow student and person, then I will know that the leadership of the Students’ Society of McGill University does not care for its student body. I hope with all sincerity that this is not the case.

Emily Elizabeth Goodman

U3 Psychology & Art History

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