April 3, 2016

Photos | August 29, 2016
Featured at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), Models Wanted! ran until August 21 and marked the 25th anniversary of ÉquiLibre, an organization founded to prevent and reduce issues associated with weight and body image by promoting healthy living. As part of the EducArt project organized by ÉquiLibre, youth from across the Greater Montreal Area submitted multi-media work to the museum that expresses support for body image activism. The project works to acknowledge beauty in a variety of forms and to challenge contemporary beauty ideals.
Photos | July 30, 2016
“At the Seams: A Political History of Palestinian Embroidery” is The Palestinian Museum’s first exhibit, which opened in Beirut, Lebanon. The exhibit showcases the rich history of Palestinian embroidery as it relates to contemporary politics, and engages Palestinian refugee and diasporic communities in Lebanon. As many Palestinians cannot visit the museum due to the ongoing apartheid, The Palestinian Museum is responsible for organizing large archival projects that aim to resist Israeli erasure of Palestinian histories.
Photos | April 2, 2016
Held at Parisian Laundry, “D’un objet à l’autre” and “Opaque Architectures” is a joint exhibition showcasing recent explorations of renowned Canadian artists Alexandre David and Jaime Angelopoulos, respectively. “D’un objet à l’autre” is a collection of four plywood objects, each spanning the length of a wall, and “Opaque Architectures” is a series of intricate paintings and sculptures which touch upon the theme of depression by highlighting the entrapment of the human spirit inside oppressive structures.

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