April 3, 2016

Photos | April 2, 2016
Held at Parisian Laundry, “D’un objet à l’autre” and “Opaque Architectures” is a joint exhibition showcasing recent explorations of renowned Canadian artists Alexandre David and Jaime Angelopoulos, respectively. “D’un objet à l’autre” is a collection of four plywood objects, each spanning the length of a wall, and “Opaque Architectures” is a series of intricate paintings and sculptures which touch upon the theme of depression by highlighting the entrapment of the human spirit inside oppressive structures.
Photos | April 1, 2016
On the week of March 38, members of Divest McGill organized a sit-in on the fifth floor of the James Administration Building – right outside the office of Principal Suzanne Fortier. Meanwhile, other members of Divest McGill set up tents outside the building, and held a week of events, which culminated in a Diploma Returning Ceremony.
Photos | April 1, 2016
Hundreds gathered at Norman Bethune Square at 6pm March 29th for two hours to peacefully show support and solidarity with the mobilization efforts of Black Lives Matter Toronto (#BLMTO). The demonstration included spoken word performances and speeches by various people of colour about police brutality, Black/Indigenous allyship, issues faced by Black women and particularly LGBT people within the Black community.

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