The Daily, Le Délit and the Daily Publications Society

The McGill Daily began as a daily sports rag in 1911 and has served the McGill community ever since, evolving into its current format as an alternative media outlet. The Daily currently produces a print issue every week, online content, and is working on bringing back Unfit to Print, its podcast produced at CKUT.

Le Délit Français was introduced in 1977. It was first limited to a French section of the regular McGill Daily, then grew to be its own weekly French issue (then called Le McGill Daily Français) before separating itself from The Daily in 1979, becoming its sister newspaper.

Over the years, The Daily and Le Délit’s alumni have gone on to work for the CBC, Maisonneuve, the Montreal Gazette, the National Post, On the Media,, and Saturday Night Live, among others, reinforcing the DPS’s identity as an alternative journalism school on a campus that doesn’t offer formal journalistic training.

Who is a DPS member?

DPS members are all McGill undergraduate and graduate students at the Downtown Campus, excluding Continuing Education students, non-resident graduate students, and graduate students in Medicine or Dentistry.

What is an existence referendum?

The McGill administration negotiates Memoranda of Agreement (MoAs) with independent student groups on campus every five years. These MOAs allow the group to exist on the McGill campus. In the case of the DPS, our MoA establishes the collection of the students fees that fund us, our location on campus, and our ability to distribute papers on campus. Before negotiating a new MoA, McGill requires independent student groups to run existence referenda as an indication of continued student support. Without a majority “Yes” vote, McGill will not sign a new MoA, and the DPS will cease to be able to collect fees from students, jeopardizing its existence as well as The Daily’s and Le Délit’s, on campus.

Why should I support The Daily and Le Délit?

The Daily and Le Délit have provided the McGill community with news coverage, investigative journalism, and a platform for commentary and creative work for over 100 years. The Daily and Le Délit are student-run: anyone can get involved as a contributor, editor, or director of the Board. Additionally, we hold general meetings each year to give members more opportunity to help shape the organization.

At a school with no journalism program, The Daily and Le Délit provide any interested McGill students with a hands-on experience in researching and reporting stories and producing a newspaper.

Both publications make their continuously-updated content available online and over the radio, in addition to putting out two papers on stands across campus each week.

Le Délit is the only francophone newspaper on campus, bringing students closer to the surrounding community and strengthening a vital link between McGill and Montreal.

What can I do to help out?

You can help by reminding all of your friends to check their email and vote.

If you would like to get even more hands on, join our campaign committee! Even volunteering for a couple of hours could really help us out. To join the official “Yes” committee, you can fill out this form. Any more questions you have can be answered by sending an email to